Flexible PVC Under-Door Draft & Noise Blocker

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Color: brown

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Soft Under Door Draft Blocker Insulator Door Draft Stopper Weather Stripping Noise Reduce Door Seal Strip Guard

Product: door draft blocker

Color: brown/white/grey/blue/yellow

Size: 96*5cm/37.8*2in

Material: pvc

Suit for: any size door

Use for: door guard/noise reduce/weather stripping

Package include: 1pc under door seal strip


Door Draft Stopper is made of pvc material, which can bend and deform. It is very flexible and will not damage your floor. It is also very durable and has a longer service life.

Door sweep triple design is adopted to effectively reduce noise, prevent dust from entering through the door, and keep the room quiet and clean.

In winter and summer, draft stopper prevent the leakage of air conditioning and heating, make your room more efficient in cooling or heating, save electricity and money.

Before purchase


1. Suitbale for smooth groud without threshold

2. The gap between door and groud should be 0.3-1cm/0.12-0.4in, and the thickness of door is 4-4.8cm/1.6-1.9in



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