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Color: Training Stick-blue


Detachable yoga back stick


The new upgrade!
Detachable yoga back stick

Relaxing waist and beautiful back/elaxing shoulders and neck/correcting hunchback/bodytraining


【Adjustable Length】

Adjustable length, can be assembled, freely retracted, to meet the needs of different heights, the shortest 7.5cm and the longest 77.5cm can be adjusted, simple and convenient to operate, you can take the yoga stick to the gym or other places you want.

【Adjustable Assembly Yoga Stick】

1.Take the disc and stick and place the stainless end against the hole in the disc.
2.Tighten counterclockwise
3.Tighten all four sticks and you're done

【Smooth Surface】

Made of stainless steel and foam, the reinforced stainless steel pipe is strong and durable, safe and environmentally friendly, does not hurt hands, and the high-density foam is soft and comfortable.

【High Density Thickened Foam】

Yoga stick is protected by 6MM high-density thickened foam, with fine and soft texture, high elasticity, not easy to deform, comfortable and qualified.

【Adjustable Length】

The yoga stick adopts a retractable design, and the length adjustment range is 7.5-77.5 cm.

It is suitable for people of different ages and heights. Rotate the foam tube counterclockwise to stretch it to the appropriate length, then turn it clockwise to tighten,simple and convenient operation.


Yoga sticks can stretch your shoulders, straighten your back, and pull your muscles and spine back to their original positions to improve posture and relieve chest, neck and back pain caused by long hours of work, looking down at the phone and computers.

【New Design】

one combination, one rotation, one fixation, firm and reliable, helping you open your shoulders, you will have a straight posture, more confident, healthy and young. Improve your overall spine health and posture.

【Detachable yoga back stick】

Relaxing waist and beautiful back/elaxing shoulders and neck/correcting hunchback/bodytraining

Very easy to disassemble, you can also adjust it to your liking.




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