5-20M Universal Atomization Sprinkler Automatic Watering Kits

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Product information:

-Atomized adjustable copper nozzle,
--Atomization range 0.5-1 meter,
--Water volume per hour 18-60 liters,
--Working pressure 2 -15Bar,
--Effectively watering your garden, it also makes a wonderful play spray for toddlers and older to cool off in the heat of the afternoon.
--Flexible bend to direct the spray where you want it.

Installation steps:

---The nozzle has a built-in metal hose, which can be bent and fixed at any 360 degrees, which is convenient for adjusting the place where the spray is needed and specifying the direction;
---It is recommended that the water pressure is above 2Bar and the water volume is 24 liters per hour.
--Adjusted to the jet state, the amount of water per hour is 72 liters. The longer the length of the tube, the greater the water pressure required;
--The new material PE pipe can withstand 10 kg of pressure. Copper sprinklers and tubes have a long service life and good atomization effect.

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