360° Rotating Triangular Mop Powerful Self-squeezing Floor Washing Mop Microfiber Walls Ceilings Tiles Clean Brooms Magic Mop

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Color: 1 Mop White


360° Rotating Triangular Mop Powerful Self-squeezing Floor Washing Mop Adjustable Walls Ceilings Tiles Clean Brooms Magic Mop

【Upgrade Automatic Water Squeezing Mop】 The wall cleaning mop has retractable and automatic water squeezing functions. It imitates the hand washing cleaning design, and the push-pull automatic water squeezing frees your hands, making your cleaning process easier and more comfortable.
【360 Degree Rotation Triangle Mop】 The wall mop is designed with 360 ° rotation and triangle mop head, which can easily remove dust from corners and various hard to reach dead corners, and quickly clean the sofa bottom, ceiling corners, table gaps, painted walls, skirting lines, etc.
【51.18in/130cm Wall Mop with Long Handle】 The baseboard cleaner tool with handle is equipped with thickened and densified microfiber mops Replacement Pads, which have a larger area and a wider cleaning range. The microfiber cloth can absorb water quickly in 5 seconds, and has excellent adsorption capacity, which can firmly lock the dust.
【Easy to Use】 The dedusting mop can be quickly used by connecting the metal rod and the mop head together without using screws. The mop has a round hole at the end, which can be vertically hung on the wall or door, saving space and drying quickly.
【Multi Purpose Tool】 This long handle dedusting mop can be used to clean walls, ceilings, soleplates, door and window decorations and corners. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, and we will seriously deal with your problems.

Product Name: 360° Rotating Triangular Mop
Size: 51.18x10.63in / 130x27cm
Material: Microfiber, Stainless Steel
Color: Blue, White

Package Includes:
① 1x Mop
② 1x Mop, 1~5x Replacement Cloth (Optional)

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